Do you know the michigan


You can read the Michigan Constitution HERE

The People’s Inherent Power


Article 1 Sec 1 States: “All political Power is Inherent in the People”.


Beginning in 1835 the first Constitution of Michigan was ratified by the people of this state. It was at this time that the people realized that for government to remain limited and liberty preserved the people must be educated and ready to act.

Today our state Constitution is no different in its request to the people. The Constitution of Michigan stands above Party politics and strikes at the heart of who we are as “The People”. It provides us with the tools to achieve and maintain a limited government and it reminds us that, “We the People” have an inherent power that will not be oppressed. 


 An educated electorate is a powerful proponent for liberty.


“A diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.”

James Madison

 to George Thompson, 1825


“We The People” are bound to know our state constitution and apply it. Madison and others understood what would happen when the diffusion of knowledge stopped.  The Constitution of Michigan lays the groundwork and is the very document we need. As we learn together it will take root and grow once again.





Once “The People” are educated in the very Constitutional processes our state document sets forth it then will become time for the people of this state to activate. 


Albert Einstein once said:

“If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.”


We here at “Referendums of Michigan” are not ok with complacency and we are done being silent. As an educated network of people, we will take this knowledge, activate and use it to create the change our state desperately needs.






Your education in and of the Michigan Constitution should never stop. 

It is here that we will continue to take time to teach others what we have learned and continue to educate others across this state so they can stand as our constitution calls them to be, “The People”.   

Referendums of Michigan is working hard to keep our government limited so our liberty can be maximized

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